Guadalupe Lira Game Concept


Now that the Queen has hired Max the Magnificent, the peaceful lives that the mice have lived is over. No matter how sneaky they were or what tricks they played, Max the Magnificent would always find them. Day by day a mouse would lose a loved one. One day, little Francis found an old map behind some old books. As he studied the map, he noticed that it was a map of the castle. Somewhere hidden at the highest tower of the castle was a magical horn that would summon the spirits of warrior mice.

Player Objectives

  • Safely lead little Francis  to the top of the tower
  • Summon the warrior mice
  • Avoid Max the Magnificent
  • Rescue other mice

Game Mechanics

  • Map will show the path the player must take
  • Along your journey, you will be able to rescue other mice that have been captured by Max the Magnificent by causing distractions
  • There will be different puzzles that the player must solve to reach their next destination
  • If the Queen spots you, she will alert Max the Magnificient
  • Certain objects will make noise if you knock into it
  • Max the Magnificent will have a set path that he will follow unless the player makes a noise that will alert him
  • To summon the spirit of the warriors, players will have to play the correct tune (basically Simon says)

Characters and Key Objects

  • Little Francis: The heroine of the game. You must lead him through the castle to find the magical horn and save his friend.
  • Max the Magnificent: The sneaky cat that is trying to catch you to impress the Queen.
  • Queen: She has summoned Max the Magnificient to capture you and get rid of all the mice.

Game World

  • The world will take place inside the castle. It will be consistent with puzzles that you must solve. The art for the world will be in a fairytale style. The castle will contain plenty of items that will allow hiding behind to avoid being seen. 

Gameplay Highlights/ Hooks/ Features

  • One of the highlights for the game would be the art style. I want it to feel like you are actually playing an interactive fairytale. This game will require a lot of sneaking to avoid alerting the Queen and Max the Magnificient.

Intended Audience

  • The game is suitable for all ages. The game will be like a reading a fairytale, so it will be suitable for younger children. This game is also suitable for teens and adults since it will cause childhood nostalgia.

Game Style/ Player Experience

  • This is going to be a platform adventure game in which you will lead Francis through the castle. The game will contain puzzles that you must solve. This game will require a lot of sneaking around. The game will contain simple puzzles that will make it suitable for players with hardly any game experience. 

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  1. Matt Figueroa says:

    The sneaking platform style is definitely a common style. It works and its good. This can really go any direction. With the fairy tale art style, playing with the expectations of the player is key. The Queen can look like a complete friend, but one interaction can change the players view of the game. Playing with the psyche is key to making this sneaky platformer work.

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