Design Concept – The Royal Mice

Inspired by the Medieval aesthetics of Loretta Krupinski’s The Royal Mice, this game is a VR/Television game meant to be played in groups of more than 2.

Type of Game: Somewhat Partylike

Audience: Youths 10-up, though adults in need of some fun can play as well.

Description: There will be two groups of players: the first is a singular person (designated “Cat”) that is up against either a group of CPU characters or up to 4 human players (designated “mice”).

Cat: This person will have full access to the VR headset.Through the viewpoint of a beleagured cat, one must focus their way through the darkness and use their senses to determine where mice may be hiding. By following their “scent”, one can make a guess as to where the mouse may be.

Mouse: This person should have access to the television. They are everywhere, and need to throw off suspicion. Through crafty movements around the map (presented as a fixed viewpoint of a kitchen, NOT top-down), they have two choices to play the game: not get caught and survive the round, or overwhelm the cat’s senses and make the Queen of All believe they are incompetent. Overwhelming is not readily available to the Mouse characters, but can be achieved through erratic movements or (in a special “Hard” mode) summoning or playing as the ghost mice soldiers.



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  1. Interesting use of both VR headset and TV for different players!

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