Abdah St Fleur – Final

Build http://users.wpi.edu/~aastfleur/Abdah_St_Fleur_Game_Level_Final/index.html Video https://youtu.be/09sFWKnenjQ  

Abdah St Fleur

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riaQjLGpu_g&feature=youtu.be The mouse will be my second NPC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bO8ayMot2qY&feature=youtu.be        

Abdah St Fleur: WAM object preproduction and modeling

I wanted to create a vase that I can put in my room level, I wanted my vase to look fragile. The vase is made in Maya with some details added in photoshop. It was inspired by some very detailed vase’s that were at the museum.

Abdah St Fleur

I want to make a detailed vase because the room I have for my level is going to be a kitchen. When I went to the WAM one item I believe fits my kitchen was the vase.  The vase would be something that can hold water or other liquids.

Abdah St Fleur

  What has been revised Instead of scaling the floor and make it fit the house, I scale it down and put on multiple floors. I fixed all the holes in the wall but keep the rough look.

Game Design Doc & Concept Sketch

Story The Queen’s crown has been stolen by the biggest cat in the kingdom, the cat is hiding in the castle. The Queen calls upon her bravest knight Max the magnificent mouse to go and fight the cat. Max the Magnificent is too small to fight the cat by himself. Gilbert the elder informs Max…