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  1. Kate Olguin says:

    The arches are the key part of the area you modeled, and I think that you did a great job with them. It can be super hard to make smooth looking arches in Maya and those look nice to me. I especially like how you added some extra character to the shingles with the broken parts, and the way that they overlap with each other to look like real shingles is also pretty cool.

  2. Laura Sawin says:

    The arches you created are very interesting and I like how some of them are broken. Additionally, the shingles look nice in your first layout. I like the colors used in your designs, but I would consider creating some pillar pieces with a similar texture to the other walls for your maze layout.

  3. Shiyi Liu says:

    It’s a bit hard to see the model in these pictures but i really like how you made the arches.

  4. Kyle Trottier says:

    I really like the arches and shingles that you have done, as they look great and are detailed. The pillars add variation to the walls which is also great, but I think some variation in the pillars themselves could add a lot to what you already have.

  5. Guadalupe says:

    I really liked how the arches and shingles were made. You can definitely tell you were paying attention to the details.

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