Lisa Liao’s Game Concept

Rodent Inn

Become an inn manager whose responsibility is to satisfy the needy rodent customers that seem to never stop hollering for help. Check each customer into their room at the reception, but make sure the room is clean before you send the customer on their way. Perhaps they want to fill their hungry travelers’ stomachs before lounging by the poolside. Take their menu orders and prepare their food before they get impatient, for they’ve come a long way to this little town of yours! Make sure that other family gets their room service on time. Oh but Mr. Oden needs a drink after making his laps in the pool — don’t make him wait long!

Managing an inn isn’t easy, but fortunately you have help. Hire a receptionist so the lobby doesn’t get overcrowded, a cleaning team to save yourself some trips to the rooms, a chef to sate the high expectations of your customers, and perhaps a barista to care for those by the pool. But don’t get too relaxed! You still need to keep your team on track, otherwise they might slack off behind your back…

For the entrepreneur,  this point and click game will fulfill all your desires to own a place of your own and more. Practice multitasking, budgeting, and time management with this mini company of yours. Start your career and satisfy those customers!

Player objectives

Maintain the flow of the game: complete customers’ various requests within a time limit

Serve as many customers as possible with the best possible service (make $)

Game mechanics

WASD & arrow keys or mouse drag to maneuver view of hotel

Point and click for request options and to fulfill requests

Menu for hiring, income, spending, etc

Characters and key objects

Rodents (mice, rats, chinchillas, squirrels, beavers, etc – lots of variation in appearance)

Employees – also rodents but with uniforms

Player does not have a character, but controls employees and other hotel characters

Game world

Small friendly town in a world of rodents

Gameplay highlights/hooks/features

Rewards timely and satisfactory service directly with payment and indirectly with more customers

End of day/week/month/year summaries to monitor progress

Visual responses from customers based on service quality (happy dance, annoyed foot tap)

Intended audience and appeal

Kids, teens, young adults

Entrepreneurial aspect, simulated social interaction

Lively and warm colors

Game style/player experience

Occupation-based, multitasking

Concept Sketches

Color Scheme Sample

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  1. Original concept that takes the Royal Mice idea in a different direction.

  2. Aaron Graham says:

    I think this is a really cool idea for a game that still draws from the source material, while completely acting as its own story since the topic is so different. This sounds like a game I would play for way too many hours.

  3. Matt Figueroa says:

    The entrepreneur idea is very fun. It also allows for some ridiculousness and replay-ability with how many different ways a game like this can work. Definitely brings me back to middle school playing browser games in the same style. That part alone matches the nostalgia feeling of the kids book.

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