Grant Frederick – Game Concept

Synopsis: Years have passed since Max the Magnificent was shooed from the castle. The castle is now under new ownership and the mice are being hunted once again. This time by an even more nefarious cat, rumored to not even be feline at all! Mice have been disappearing left and right, few are left now and you are responsible for finding a way to defeat this evil creature. The player must make it to the kennels in order to release the cats mortal enemy, an adorable puppy.

Game Style/Experience: The game will be a 3rd person adventure horror game, with a low poly art style. The player will have to defeat puzzles, surpass platformer like scenarios, and most of all avoid being caught by the Cat. The enemy will stalk the player similarly to the Alien, from Alien: Isolation. The Cat can kill the player in one hit so there is no use in fighting, the player must rely on wit, patience, and puzzle solving skills in order to outsmart the enemy.

Player Objectives: There will be three rooms, in each room the player will have to solve a puzzle and/or platforming instance. All while avoiding the Cat.

Characters & Key Objects:

  • The player character (a mouse)
  • The cat
  • 2-5 mice NPCs
  • Objects used in puzzles, buttons, levers, oversized books, oversized magic bottles, dog cage
  • A Dog

Game World: The game will take place in three rooms, 1 for each puzzle. The first is in a “cave” dug into the wall of the castle. This room will be dark and labyrinth-like. The second room will be an oversized wizards room. There will be books and potions levitating and moving around, the player will have to jump on them without falling in order to cross the room. The last room will take place in a dog kennel, where the player must solve a puzzle in order to unlock the dog’s cage, winning the game.

Gameplay Highlights/Hooks/Features: The core features of the game will be the puzzle and platforming experience, as well as the dark horror aesthetic.

Intended Audience/How Will You Appeal To It?: Fans of horror games, as well as puzzlers and platformers will enjoy this game. I will appeal to them by creating horror aesthetics, original and challenging puzzles, as well as satisfying platforming.



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  1. Creative ideas for your game setting. I think you will have fun setting up and decorating those.

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