Nikki Goldman’s Game Concept

Concept/Player Objectives

  • Players get to design their own mouse. They get to explore the palace and the mouse’s kingdom within the walls.  Even though the mice have their own place, they must get food and supplies from the queen’s palace.
  • The player will have to complete quests to keep the mouse’s kingdom alive with resources. They will also be sent out to save mice who have been trapped by the queen or the queen’s cat, Max the Magnificent.
  • Another option is for the player to help the cat and the queen by returning stolen goods or tricking mice into traps.
  • Which ever side the player picks, they will eventually gain that side’s trust. Once that happens, the player will unlock other opportunities.
  • If the player gains the mouse’s trust, he will visit the oldest mouse, Gilbert the elder, who will tell him a few different ways to finally rid the palace of the cat. Eventually, the player will be able to help the mouse kingdom grow and unlock the ability to design and expand the kingdom.
  • If the player gain’s the cat’s trust they can get perks like being able to wander around the palace without getting killed but will lose trust with the mice. Eventually, the player could control the mouse kingdom with fear.
  • If the player is neutral by helping both sides, the player can rid the palace of the cat but also find a new place for the cat to live happily.

Game Mechanics

  • Even though the player gets to decide who to help, it will be an RPG style game. The player can explore the entire castle, using all the keys to move from the foreground to the background.  When exploring the palace, the objects will be larger, and the player’s view will be smaller; making it harder for the player to notice the cat.  If the player befriends the cat, not only will they not have to fear being caught, but they can get perks to see more of the palace; as well as run faster by piggyback riding the cat.

Characters and Quests

  • The player can change the look of his mouse anytime they want.
  • In the mice kingdom, Gilbert the elder gives the player tips and perks when completing quests. Guinevere gives the player supply quests, Cadbury gives food quests, and Little Francis send out the player to help rescue his friends.
  • The player will have to hide from the cat and the queen unless they gain the cat’s trust. If caught by the cat, the cat will eat the player in one gulp.  If the queen catches the player, she will throw objects at the player.  The player will then have to quickly dodge the items and escape before getting squished.
  • If the player gains the cat’s trust the player will be able to talk to the cat and be told where the queen set up new traps. The player can use this to lead prey into the trap.  If the player manages to trap certain leaders of the mouse kingdom, they can begin to take rule.

Game World

  • The game will take place within a palace. The player can explore the palace through the mice holes in the walls.  They will not be able to climb steps and will have to go through the mouse kingdom to go to different levels of the palace.  If the player befriends the cat, they can travel faster and easier through the castle, and can use the steps by riding the cat.

Gameplay Highlights/Hooks/Features

  • The player will have to be quick and strategic to trick the mice or the evade the cat. By completing quests, the player levels up and gets to unlock more perks.  They get to pick their perks and see what others they can get or improve.  Goals like these will add more to the desire of completing tasks and advancing the game.

Intended Audience & Appeal

  • This will be a PC and mobile device game.
  • The intended audience will be focused for young adults. They will have to think through different puzzles to outthink the cat and or conquer the mouse kingdom.  They can become a beloved ruler or a blackmailing tyrant.

Game Style/Player Experience

  • The player will have to explore the two worlds, the palace and mouse kingdom. They will have to complete quests and make decisions.  These choices will determine who is their friend and who is their foe.  As the game progresses the story and more options will be present.

Concept Art

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  1. Sounds pretty doable in the scope of the course. The way you staged your concept illustration is cool!

  2. Aaron Graham says:

    I really like the reputation/affinity system you’ve described that allows your mouse to ally themself with either the queen and the cat or the other mice!

  3. Matt Figueroa says:

    The amount of story and potential in the idea is amazing. I can’t wait to see where it goes.

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