Matthew Figueroa Game Concept

The game takes place1 6 years after the initial feline infestation of Max. After he left, The Queen was at peace with the mice. However, she grew frustrated as their numbers became larger and began taking more space than she saw necessary. She hired Mason, a new top of the line feline, to bring his squad in the exterminate the masses. The leader of the mice, Pecoro, learns of this and informs in people. In natural fashion, they begin to panic and wonder about how to rid the mice. Pecoro reminds them of the sword and horn that saved them 16 years ago. Not many remember the heroics, but Pecoro’s sons had heard stories. They told their father the plan and scurried off into the castle to look for the treasure any way they could.

Player Objectives:

  • Save their people from terror of felines
  • Collect pieces of paper for the story of the sword to build a map
  • Hide away from felines that lurk in the castle

Game Mechanics:

  • Belay Movement: both mice move together
    • The siblings have a rope attached to them
    • They use this not only to stay close but to traverse harsh terrain
  • Map Expansion: Grabbing pieces of paper build your map
    • The player explores the castle in search of green pages
    • Green pages expand the map and show new areas of the castle
    • Metroidvania style back tracking is involved
  • Improvements: The siblings will learn new tricks and obtain upgrades with the belay system as they explore
    • a stretchier chord for bigger jumps
    • Launching by dropping one and letting them shoot up with momentum

Characters and Key Objects:

  • Characters:
    • Sweys (blue) and Jack (red) are the two controllable siblings the player will be using
    • Pecoro is the father and leader of the tribe that sends his sons on their mission
    • Mason is the head of the feline squad and sends out the felines to hunt mice
    • The Queen hired Mason after kicking out Max to repeat the mice extermination 16 years later
  • Key Objects:
    • Green slips of paper to fill up your map
    • The Belay to travel with
    • Food bits to regain health
    • Sewing kit to help repair the belay

Game World:

The game begins at the bottom of the well where the mice base. The player learns how the belay works, and they venture off into the castle. The game world consist of platforming challenges to make the player think more about how they move. There will be felines patrolling in public areas of the castle, and the player needs to avoid them to access the more secure searching areas.

Gameplay Highlights/Hooks/Features:

  • Adventure: Explore the castle in search of the green pages to fill the map
  • Metroidvania: Upgrade and backtrack to access areas that weren’t open to you before
  • Hide and seek: There is no real horror other than being caught, so its a hide and seek game during travel
  • Puzzle: The search areas will be platforming puzzles as well as object puzzles

Intended Audience and how to appeal to it:

Metroidvania players will like the style of the game. There need to be plenty of areas to explore and a reward for exploring each area, including the optional ones. However, the areas need to feel different from each other in some way, instead it will just be a walking simulator with a fun bungee chord. The art will be rather dark and dirty because the castle is overrun by mice. In order to add some marvel to the world, the assets will be scaled much higher to compensate for how small you are. The game can fit really any age because there are no real dangers in the game besides being caught while moving through and back tracking. However, it will be more suited for a teen and older audience because the art style is so dark.

Game Style/Player Experience:

  • Platforming Puzzles:
    • Very much like Hue, there will be platforming and moving puzzles where you are the key piece keeping it moving
  • Metroidvania:
    • You will be moving around and retracing your steps to access new areas and puzzles for map pieces
  • Collection:
    • The map collection will add to the story because it will bring you closer to your end goal of finding the sword and horn.

Concept Piece:

Here would be the beginning of the game. The player needs to grab on to the rope that Jack throws down, and the belay system begins.

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  1. Sounds like a doable concept that is appropriately scoped for this course.

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