Aaron Graham’s Game Design Doc/Concept Sketch

High Concept

  • The players will play as a cat in a large castle on a collectathon quest. Each level will be a different room of the castle. There will be various items in each level for the cat to collect before moving to the next level.

Player Objectives

  • The player’s objective is to collect all the key items in each level to progress through the game and clear the castle of all mice including the Big Bad Boss Mouse, who controls all the mice in the castle.

Game Mechanics

  • The cat will have tight platforming controls to move about the architecture and vertically designed levels of the castle. At some points the cat may even need to climb around the exterior of the castle.

Characters and Key Objects

  • The player character is the cat. His name is Lucas. He’s tasked with cleaning up the mice around the castle by the Queen; Queen Fatt Marisato.
  • Queen Fatt Marisato is an angry tyrant of a Queen who threatens Lucas with death if he doesn’t kill all the mice in the castle.
  • Big Bad Boss Mouse is the mouse who controls all other mice in the castle. When Lucas comes to him to catch him, they make an alliance and kill Queen Fatt Marisato. After killing her, the Big Bad Boss Mouse tries to kill Lucas as revenge for catching the other mice up to that point. Lucas kills him and spends the rest of his days in the castle alone.

Game World

  • It is in a castle, but I’d like to employ Mario 64 like portal paintings to other worlds to keep some variety in the game instead of all castle-themed levels.

Gameplay Highlights/Hooks/Features

  • The tight platforming and rewarding stimulus for collecting key items will hook players on a sense of satisfaction and skill.

Intended Audience and how you Will Appeal to it

  • Anyone who enjoyed the N64 era and PS1 era of collectathon games and wants to relive some of that nostalgia through a modern attempt at the style. I will appeal by drawing clear similarities between itself and other games of the style.

Game Style/Player Experience

  • The player experience will be fast and tight platforming in a 3D space as Lucas ascends through each room and floor of the castle, collecting the key items he requires to advance (such as mice, physical keys, pieces of paper with spells for opening doors on them, etc) eventually reaching the Big Bad Boss Mouse and Queen Fatt Marisato.

Concept Sketch

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