Daniel McDonough – Geometric Abstraction


Richard Anuszkiewicz – Lemon Yellow Square

This piece uses a solid color center and using lines around the square gives an illusion of depth. The use of white gradient around the corners gives the appearance of the square being “the light at the end of the tunnel”

Richard Anuszkiewicz – Temple Of Cadmium Red Orange

The main aspect taken from this piece was the use of layers and illusion of the orange rectangles. They are wither holes or the top of pyramids.

My piece:

To prevent me from directly copying Richard I took circles to be used rather than squares. Going of the single color idea, I chose to use blue as my main color. This gave me the idea of an eye.

Initial state

Exploring Jitter, I found that everything is actually rendered in 3D and that objects could be rendered in wire-frame or vectors. This gave me the idea of a “peel back” sequence that could be toggle-able.

Render in Wire-frame
Render in Vectors

I thought this added a layer feature, and provided the lines drawing the eyes toward the center. The way the vector sphere rendered, also gave a nice ring completing the “eye” feel, but also gives a tunnel like visualization to it. I thought this looked fairly static and decide to play with lighting.

Adding Lighting

With lighting you can see that the circle actually renders as a sphere, but still gives the idea of an eye, if not it kinda looks like the Krome Studios logo. Putting all the toggles together, I find that the following is the best result. Although the geometry is uneven unlike the inspiration I find an appeal to this as it gives a “Tron”-esk vibe and ephesizes the layer illusion as the background sphere looks as though its a donut.


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  1. Nice write up of your concept and process. The image you produced is quite striking.

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