Cem Alemdar – Geometric Abstraction

I wanted to make something dynamic so I put a spinning spiral, (static for screenshots) which spins clockwise and then counter clockwise in the middle of my visualization. I also had a counter system that draws lines coming out of the center of the visualization. I was also able to manually change the color of the spirals and the lines by changing float values. I was inspired by a shirt I have that says “25 lessons in hypnotism” I wanted to learn more about the jit.gl object, but realized the documentation for it was limited. Here is what I came up with:

Halfway through visualization
Visualization done
After playing around with colors

I found some bugs/anomalies while using counters hooked up to each other. That is why there are single lines on the right side of the visualization and not the left. The same reason why it is not symmetrical according to the horizontal axis.

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  1. Interesting design! It does feel pretty hypnotic, even as a still.

  2. Daniel McDonough says:

    The spiral is a nice touch! The scan lines also help give the feeling of a 60s scifi movie. I also like the blue gradient around the spiral.

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