Tom Tawadros – Paper Nature

As I laid out in my concept post, the inspiration for this project came from the phrase “natural process.” I wanted to flip this wording, and explore different ways that people process nature. I ended up sticking to my original idea, and created 3 props representing containers that we recognize from our daily lives.

Interacting with a container plays an animation on screen, a dramatization of how a natural ingredient ended up in said container.

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  1. Joy Tartaglia says:

    Your animations are very good. I like how the background for the apple and wheat animations change from blue to red, creating a contrast between nature and processing. The violent black and white reaping of the wheat is another example of good coloring in coordination with the action shown.

    I think showing the containers the products end up in might tie together the animations and the controllers better. You see the apple juice and the cereal falling, and it’s clear where they end up, but visual confirmation would be satisfying. It might imply that all the processing that happened on the screen ended up in the specific controllers in your hands and not some other random cup or bowl.

    Did you have a specific message about food processing that you had in mind while making this?

    1. Tom Towadros says:

      In terms of message I wanted to show that nature as most people envision it stops the moment people get their hands on it. The separation that modern people have from the source of their food is what allows manufacturers to sell products that advertise the “natural” qualities of their products without it having to mean much of anything.

  2. Sylvia Lin says:

    You have made so many changes since Thursday and I must say your animation is super smooth.
    Since you used gradient background for the first two animations, I was thinking perhaps you could do that with the third one as well so they all came together?
    I know you said in class that you appreciated the white color of the paper objects. But since all of them are white, do you think it would be a good idea to enhance the sense of “pairing” by filling the same color on the paper objects in correspondence to its animation background color?

  3. Cem Alemdar says:

    Awesome animations. I enjoyed how you showed the process that food goes through before being ready for our consumption. I am curious how you managed to make the soda cup conductive.

  4. Colin Ancalmo says:

    Definitely a lot of great color use in this piece. Having the animations start with natural colors, then transition to red and ominous scenes, being left with the colorless silhouette of processed food containers; that is an impactful flow.

    The addition of sound effects could help further communicate the impact of industrial processing. It could also be interesting if there was an ambient nature track that got quieter after each process interaction, leaving the scene silent once all the nature has been processed.

  5. Ryan Doyle says:

    I love the premise of this. I also enjoyed the animations and the cinematic camera.

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