Kyria Nelson – Paper Nature Example

My project is a very large birch tree in the middle of autumn. It has red and orange leaves which respond to touch. When one holds the “ground leaf” and runs their hand through the trees’ leaves, wind chimes play, and randomized graphics of leaves falling plays on the screen.

This project was a huge commitment, much larger than I could have imagined. Every single piece of paper was individually cut and pasted onto my tree. Every leaf was painted with electric paint and wired through the tree. Modeling the tree itself also took a significant amount of time. Overall it was quite the learning process. If I were to do this project again I would most certainly make it smaller.

The project also involved a non-trivial amount of cleanup and vacuuming.

Here’s a video of me playing music with the tree (I just realized it is in portrait, I’m so sorry):

Here’s the Max Patch (all in all, I think it looks pretty good!):

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