Daniel McDonough – Meme Remix


Using a GIF of Furret walking, I had 11 different backgrounds that the user can cycle through. I also added 3 different levels of zoom to mimic the original. In addition, a pixeliztion distortion and an offset distortion filter were used. The user can also speed up or slow down the music and video if one so wishes to.

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  1. Tom Towadros says:

    This is fantastic thank you

  2. Jonathan Shiery says:

    This is just a really pleasing version of the furret walk. It has a lot of variety with its settings, which allows for a load of possibilities when working with it in Max. The variety of locations also fits perfectly with the meme itself.

  3. Colin Ancalmo says:

    furret is walking everywhere! I enjoyed the zoom effect you added, and it is entertaining then the music speed increases along with furret’s walking speed.

  4. Joy Tartaglia says:

    The particular soundtrack goes perfectly with any pokemon taking a leisurely stroll, and now we can see furret going to different places! I also like the pixilated effect. It reminds me of the good old 2D games. I suggest maybe moving the furret to different places on the screen, coordinated with the different backgrounds, to make it look a little more in place. For example, in the classroom scene, it was walking on thin air/the back of a chair. Otherwise, great work!

  5. Sylvia Lin says:

    Your project definitely inspired me! I remember seeing your post first and made me think of what I could do with the memes I like.
    I like how you ended up having 2 different animations and I enjoy the second one a lot. This idea of putting the furret walking animation in multiple scenes is unique and fun. Although some scenes can use a bit more work so they look less disjointed with the animation. Music effect also works great with the animation overall.

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