Meme Remix – Cem Alemdar

For this project I felt the Xbox controllers were too noisy so I made a small Arduino controller with one potentiometer, and one button. I used the potentiometer to control the frequency of the Emperor saying “Do it!”. I used the button to have Obi-wan say “Hello there” in one of five different languages, sliding in form the left. I used a looping video of Gaben with a Beatles wig, flying through space to the bassline of “Shooting Stars”. I wanted to put them through some video filters, but it took me way too long to figure out layering videoplanes, and giving them a position.

I had the arduino send serial data, and read it using the serial object in Max. You can see the values I am sending from the Arduino in the console. I had some trouble trying to get the Arduino act as a keyboard, but didn’t end up working. I also edited bunch of other Star Wars prequel memes in several languages, but couldn’t figure out how to include them in the remix.

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  1. Jonathan Shiery says:

    The variety of different videos and jokes used within the Max patch is very neat. They aren’t really that closely related, though, so it would be interesting to see a more centralized idea.

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