Sylvia Lin – Interactive Animation

I feel like I have not drawn in years and this project gave me a chance to explore my own creative thoughts around the things I encounter on a day-to-day basis, which is a lot of fun!

All but one sound effects are obtained from under the standard license.

Not sure how the license works with Dr. Dre’s The Next Episode (for the sunglasses effect), but I really wanted to create the thug life vibe so I still included it in the video. If there is any problems, please let me know and I can take that out.

Special thanks to Professor Rosenstock for helping me sign out a Wacom stylus from the ATC.

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  1. Daniel McDonough says:

    The snoop dog animation made me laugh. All the animations seemed like they took a lot of time to do by hand. But it seems like they need more frames to make the animations smoother. The hand window/mirror animation needed more frames to be able what was going on the first time. The boat animation, used a nice about of colors and entered and disappeared into the world in a smooth manner

  2. Patrick Luck says:

    The sound effects are an entertaining touch!

  3. Isaac Donkoh-Halm says:

    Really cool animation! I don’t think I’ve seen another animation that uses images, and you do a great job at it! The only thing I can suggest is to ease in the animations so they don’t appear so suddenly.

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