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I took a picture of the Alden’s orchestra room and used it as the base for a instrument-focused interactive animation. Unfortunately the room has been rather unorganized this week, so I went into photoshop to highlight and add instruments to hint the interactive areas of the image. The interactive instruments are the violin, piano, xylophone, tube bells, and drums.

From there I created basic animations for each instrument. I underestimated the difficult of animating characters (even if they are basically stick figures), so the animations themselves are rather lack-luster. Instead I tried to play to my strengths and ended up taking a slightly different angle on the interactive part.

It’s never too early for spooks

I wrote a short generic spooky tune in FL Studio (a program like Abelton Live), using the same instruments highlighted before, and had their respective instrument parts play when their animations were toggled. Turning on all the animations at once plays the “full” tune, though it was fun to experiment with the playback manually.

Below, I set the interactive objects to be triggered randomly, adding variation with every full tune loop. This wasn’t really apart of the assignment but I thought it was cool so:

Max Code: (The “change” block is really helpful)

Hidden Button triggers
Audio / Animation syncing

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  1. Sylvia Lin says:

    Wow you actually wrote the tune yourself! Good job on the idea behind this “spooky concert”. I think it might also be interesting to experiment with more colors for the outline of some stick figures.

  2. Cem Alemdar says:

    This is so cool, I have no idea you managed to sync all of those perfectly. Do you use something to mute and unmute the audio player while the loop is going on in the back? The percussion sounds seem too off when you look at the picture of the instrument, but that might be just something that feels weird to me as a percussionist. Amazing project.

    1. Colin Ancalmo says:

      Thanks! You guessed it for the audio syncing. When it opens all the tracks and animations start playing at the same time in sync, but their outputs are controlled by gates based on the button clicks.

  3. Patrick Luck says:

    I love how each of the animations can be played at the same time in sync! It really feels like you’re orchestrating a spooky song.

  4. Jeremy Trilling says:

    The score is awesome! I really like how even if you click on each instrument at different times, they will always begin in time with the rest of the ensemble!

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