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After several days of simultaneously fighting off Max, OBS, and my antivirus software, I have finally completed my interactive animation:

Although it was a pain to get the Max patch to play video properly on my computer, I had a great time thinking up some fun animations for the arrangement of things on my desk and sitting down to draw them out. The process of setting up each shot and making tiny movements each frame brought me back to my days of making LEGO stop motion movies in elementary/middle school. I’m pretty happy with how my clips came out, considering this was my first time using Animate!

The only thing I really would’ve liked to add was some timed audio. One would think it would be easy to delay a bang to a sound playlist, but I just couldn’t find the right set of blocks to make it happen. (Why does [del] not wire directly into a playlist? Who knows…)

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  1. Daniel McDonough says:

    I love the outline aspect you gave all your animations and really made it your own. You can really see the amount of effort put in, especially with the key animation. It has a lot of moving parts.

  2. Patrick Luck says:

    Love the creative animations.

  3. Colin Ancalmo says:

    Nice job with the drawn animations! The one with the key is very creative and a great use of perspective. Your question on timed audio, there is a block called “delay” that you can delay a bang by xxx milliseconds, though it can be annoying to find now many milliseconds until a certain video frame.

  4. Jonathan Shiery says:

    The animation in the video is really smooth and creative! They each make clever use of their environment. I especially like the animation with the key. It truly feels like a connected world with these animations.

  5. Tom Towadros says:

    I like how you were able to take the shape of objects on your desk and use that to inform their transformation into something else. I especially like how the pack of gum turned into a door for the key. I would have also loved some audio, and for the staple-removers to have done something more interesting.

  6. Isaac Donkoh-Halm says:

    Clever use of rotosoping here! My favorite interaction was the key object interacting with the gum object. I kind of wish the other objects interacted with each other more.

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