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Just about everyday on campus I have to walk through the 3rd floor of Olin (aka the murder hallway). With a variety of items I chose to do 5 unique animations.

  1. Class composites – Stars
  2. Shelf – Donkey Kong
  3. Bags of Hay – Fire
  4. Hose – Snake
  5. Darkness – Eyes

As this was my first time ever animating something, I started with the eyes in the background. It is a 100 frame animation with 3 frames to open and close a set of eyes over about 5 intervals. I chose a dog sound as I originally wanted an owl or bug noise but they gave more of a feeling of wonder or disgust. To capitalize on the “murder” aspect of the murder hallway I went with a growl instead.

I then did the Donkey Kong and Star animations to work with traces and movement. The shelf reminded me of the vines in Donkey Kong Jr. so I had Donkey Kong climb the shelf with some short Super Mario Bros. sound effect. I had stars on the composite photos as the people on them are pretty cool (I have no idea who they are). This played with what was called “Creepy Jingle 1” but it sounded kinda lighthearted and fit into the theme.

The final two animations really capitalize that I cannot draw. The fire on the hay, with what is supposed to be a fire extinguisher coming out of the first aid box, took forever to get the fire to spread and extinguisher to move the way I wanted. The green snake was a last minute addition. Originally it was supposed to be chicks hatching out of eggs on the egg cartons. But after seeing how amazing I am at drawing I decided to do a simpler snake shape coming out of the green hose into some crack in the floor.

Final Video:

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  1. Sylvia Lin says:

    Such an interesting choice of background! I am particularly in fond of the snake and eyes effects. All the animations are nicely drawn out and I can definitely appreciate that amount of work you put into this.

  2. Cem Alemdar says:

    Nice animations, the red eyes looked really convincing, also enjoyed that fire animation that started spreading, but I think you could’ve made a bigger fire to exaggerate to seriousness of the situation.

  3. Colin Ancalmo says:

    This place is in Olin??! The image itself is unsettling, and your animations really drove it home. It also makes me think of Luigi’s Mansion (MARRIOOOO???!!!?). My favorite is the red eyes in the background, great way of showing depth in the unlit parts of the picture.

  4. Tom Towadros says:

    I wish some some of the animations were better linked to the environment. For Instance the snake in the water hose and the eyes in the dark make sense. However, the stars on the picture frame and Donkey Kong climbing up the shelf don’t really make sense to me.

  5. Ryan Doyle says:

    I enjoyed the snake/hose and the creepy eyes in the background.

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