Joy Tartaglia – Geometric Abstraction


Composition with Circles, Squares and Rectangles
Sophie Taeuber-Arp

Project Screenshots

Max Patch Screenshot
Following the example, I collected my objects into groups, both in the compositions and in the actual patch. The first two are the major groups on the left and right of each composition. Their shapes, colors, and sizes change with the three large buttons. When I finished them, I realized I had a little too much empty space, so I created a third group to scatter around to either augment the existing patterns or add some randomness to them.

While the first two groups have a “lead” object the others are oriented around through a bit of math, the third group’s objects change drastically in comparison from setting to setting and can’t be oriented the same way because of that. I was experimenting with different ways to change object parameters, and I ended up with the stringy mess on the right in my effort to create independent settings for each objects’s shape, scale, position, and color.

This image of the patch shows the settings for the 3rd screenshot above.

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  1. You definitely captured the Sophie Taeuber-Arp vibe.

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