Colin Ancalmo – Geometric Abstraction

The pieces I took inspiration from were Richard Anuszkiewicz (specifically Splendor Of Red, 1965) and Nassos Daphnis (specifically 6-87 THE EXPLOSION, 1987).
Anuszkiewicz’s Splendor Of Red use multiple lines close to give a sense of deceptive depth, while Daphnis’s THE EXPLOSION uses thin shapes and bold colors to show movement and direction.

Starting with the base jitter file provided on canvas, I created two spheres and one opens square of varying scales.
After looking into some of the openGL Tutorials, I found an example that included a 3D object with shading options [Update: It wasn’t openGL, The wireframe blocks came from the “help” tutorial for the ““.] There was a wireframe option so I enabled that to get the line patterns I was looking for. I duplicated that openGL block group and reduced the mesh resolution so that it was a triangle.

Initial Configuration

For the next two states, I added bangs to randomize the positions of the three initial shapes so that they would still show on screen. Then I added another set of randomization for the colors of all objects.

Random Position and Color 1
Random Position and Color 2
A bowl of spaghetti

I couldn’t figure out how to export my file as text, but if I did, that would go here:

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  1. Interesting designs. The intersecting wireframes create surprising textures.

  2. Sylvia Lin says:

    I like the 3-dimensional space vibe you created with the juxtaposition of the shapes. It also somewhat feels futuristic to me, particularly the first color palette.

  3. Ryan Doyle says:

    Great use of the open cube!

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