Daniel Mcdonough – Final Project

Using MelodySheep as inspiration, I sought out to develop a way for the audience to interact with an art piece, musically and visually. Under the metaphor “The web of ecology,” the audience can provide input under the the interactive sampler: https://dmcdonough-art-final.herokuapp.com. The interactive sampler that allows the audience to sample clips and quotes from environmental documentaries or news casts such as this.

How it works:

From the start, a the origin video is to play. The video is a sentimental piece that emphasizes the importance of cleaning the oceans. At the same time, the audience is to select samples on the website. The website renames the samples selected to be the URLs that the max patch will later fetch from. Here the sample also goes through the WubMachine (Original, Remix), To be processed as a remixed. Once the video is sampled and remixed, Node for Max allows the max patch to fetch samples and the remix of the original video for the DJ to then play.

Working Sample

Picture of the mixer board

Above is the image of the board itself. You can see the agar plates with copper tape over them to have them be used as buttons. You can alter the play position of the sample, and select form 6 samples and update the existing samples.

Thought Process

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