Colin Ancalmo – Final Project

For my final project, I used MAX grid matrices, a heart rate sensor, and a camera to convey the metaphor/idea that “One need to be present to experience the Present“.

The user stands in front of a display and camera, and is presented with a prop “vine / tree branch” with a heart rate sensor embedded within it. When a heart rate is detected, the display (being a matrix of duplicated meshes), begins to react to the camera image and heart beat. This creates the effect of imprinting the physical world around the user on the digital scene, sustained by your heart rate.

The users’ surrounds are only captured and reacted to with an active heart beat. Without that, the scene is left quiet and motionless, unable to sense the Present unfolding around it.

Camera – To – Max Images:

Hardware Image Dump:

Max Patch Screenshots:

External Content used: (Audio)
Heart Beat [edited]:
Forest Birds:

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