Daniel McDonough – Animated Abstraction

Starting from scratch, I wanted to use two audio channels. So I ended up using buffer~ and play~ to enable this feature rather than the tie block shown in class. After noting I cannot produce music that didn’t sound like random noises I decided to go with the ambient noise route.

Music Code

Using a sci-fi drone and factory noise as the ambient sounds, the gain, rate and pitch of the “robots working” can be changed. With ambient noise in mind I decided to go with a hypnosis styled animation. As such, the rate correlates the animation speed and the pitch relates to the color. Additionally, the poly_mode and rotation angle are both randomly chosen throughout the animation.

Animation Code

Putting everything together you can see the complete 70’s computer graphics “aesthetic”.

Final Animation

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  1. Interesting and creative concept. I love this juxtaposition of sound and image – creates a very strong mood.

  2. Sylvia Lin says:

    I like how you kinda have a story going on with the animation. It has the right amount of variability in the scale, color and sound.

  3. Jonathan Shiery says:

    The music used in the abstraction has a very relaxing tone to it, which is heightened further by the light use of color. The simple colors and shapes are very pleasing to look at. Overall, the abstraction has a very pleasing and relaxing atmosphere.

  4. Joy Tartaglia says:

    I think you succeeded in creating a hypnotic, sci-fi animation through the sound and various 3D objects. The changing color is a little harder to discern, but the changing polygons and their movements really contribute to the atmosphere.

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