Paper Nature Concept – Processed Nature

The stated goal of this project is to explore a natural process. Soon after hearing the phrase “natural process,” and idea hit me. Many of the foods we eat claim to be, among other things, “natural” or some variation thereof. Many of these foods, however, are in fact heavily processed in a factory setting. Thus, for many foods, it’s hard to tell what “natural” actually means. My idea for this project stemmed from this upside-down thinking. I want to explore how people process nature.

For this project I want to create three of four paper vessels of food. These are the end products, the items we see on the shelves and eat out of. When each one in touched in the right place, it will play a video (probably an animation) illustrating how a natural ingredient gets processed and transformed into the end product. I’m well aware that the animations will have to be simplified if I have any hope of finishing them on time, so they will more likely be graphic motion pieces instead of full-on hand animation.

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