Matt Johannesen – Groovin and Groovin and Groovin and…

One of many inspirations

I really wish I knew why this exists. I really do.

There’s something about this little character – known to some as “the groovin guy”, or “the ‘woo yeah baby oh yeah woohoo yeah…’ guy” to others – that is just so entrancing and relatable. My friends and I have seen this image enough times, in enough places that it’s become a permanent fixture in our minds. It doesn’t matter what is going on in the world, he is always a constant. Always groovin.

(For reference:

And so I’ve immortalized him further in this Max patch of mine. The left joystick controls the video playback and the music (going to the left plays the video slowly with soft jazz, going to the right makes the video faster, adds effects, and plays much livelier music, and moving to the middle stops everything). When in “fast” mode, the bumpers control how many times the video is tiled horizontally and vertically, and the A button mirrors the clip and applies a random color combination for the text and the glowing outline around the figures.

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