Kyria Nelson – Meme Remix Example

I was going to use old fashioned games to make my “meme remix”, using a USB NES controller, but “hi” couldn’t seem to find the device. So instead, I went with plan B, which was a bit more meme-y..

Cat videos!

Like any sane person should, I have a healthy obsession with cats (and their cute antics). So for my project, I found four of the spiciest cat memes on Youtube (at the time) and imported them into Max. I set up my Xbox 360 controller so that the 4 videos could be selected to play with the D-pad. Then I routed the A, X, and Y buttons to three different filters one could apply to the videos. The B button was used to reset the filter effects. The joysticks affect the filters in different ways, depending on how far left or right they are pushed.

That was fun and all, but to add just a little more spice to my project, I added a “Bass Boost” effect, activated when one presses the right trigger. To turn off the bass boost, just press the left trigger. Unfortunately every time I close the file the settings for the Bass Boost get reset, and they can be a real pain to fix.

I would say the project is most fun when one activates both a filter and the bass boost at the “punchline” of each video.

See for yourself!

Here’s the WACKY max patch:

Hope you enjoyed!

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