Joy Tartaglia – Interactive Animation


A few of the videos refuse to be imported into Max correctly. The most notable problem is the animation on the center post. All the animations have blank frames at their beginning and end, but the center post refuses to finish. Maybe there was something I overlooked.

I enjoyed working on this, but my animation skills could definitely use some work. I’m more used to 3D animation than 2D, but I wanted to try 2D for this one. I wasn’t sure how to implement 3D animation into this scene either.

Max Patch

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  1. Sylvia Lin says:

    Your work is so impressive! All the animations are super smooth especially those colored small figure characters.
    The idea of a “train?” moving on the bridge is so creative. Also the fireflies popping up from the bushes are super adorable.

  2. Cem Alemdar says:

    I loved that you both gave character to something just sitting there, and connected elements like the benches, where there was no actual connection. Your sounds are really on point.

  3. Jonathan Shiery says:

    I like how each animation cleverly uses the environment layout to its advantage. It makes each animation interesting to witness, because it feels like it belongs within the “world” of your picture. Each animation naturally fits into this world, because they are based on the world itself.

  4. Tom Towadros says:

    I really enjoyed how integrated these animations are with the environment. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve done animation in the past. I wish the audio was a bit more interesting though.

  5. Colin Ancalmo says:

    Creative animations! I like how you took three different approaches for the “Y” shaped posts. Also having the bottom train animation triggerable from both ends is a nice touch.

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