“Space Civility” – Abstract Piece by Thomas Curtis

Right off the bat, I wanted to do something that highlighted the juxtaposition of spheres and cubes. Whenever I’ve done abstract work before I either end up doing something with connected shapes that blend into each other or using circles and squares. I felt that the latter would be a better introduction to the language and that the elevation of circles and squares to spheres and cubes was interesting to me personally. I don’t like to reveal exactly what I’m going for with abstract art but I will say that there is a specific reason for both the RGB changing colors with the bangs that goes hand and hand with the line of symmetry.

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  1. It’s interesting that although your pieces are on one level abstract arrangements of simple shapes, my eye/brain wants to organize them into figures.

  2. Ryan Doyle says:

    There has to be a hidden meaning to this. It makes you think like good art should.

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