Sylvia Lin – Animated Abstraction

For this assignment, I decided to incorporate two of Max’s example patchers, called anim and planet (both can be found under examples->jitter->render->animation.

I had some fun combining the two examples together in order to create the background effect that I wanted. The planet patcher came with a bunch of options that can be manipulated around and I have showcased that in the demo video.

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  1. The visuals are very rich. Lots of amazing texture and things that look like they could be what you might see under a microscope.

  2. Daniel McDonough says:

    I really like this. It also reminds me of red florescent proteins that you’d see in microscopy. But I feel like it needs to come with a seizure warning, some of the flashes are too harsh or too fast.

  3. Patrick Luck says:

    The visuals remind me of 2001 a space odyssey

  4. Ryan Doyle says:

    Very entrancing! I love the cloudy look of the shapes!

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