Animated Abstraction

For this assignment I added three songs that I generated using a neural network based song generator I found online. It is a fun and interactive song generator with multiple sliders that change the song that is being generated.

Learn more about the generator

Then I used these songs as input, and used the amplitude of these songs to draw circles and change their color. I also used it to change the color of the spiral spinning in the background. I could not record a longer version of the animation because of the limited screen recording capabilities of Windows without third party software. But here is what I came up with:

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  1. Looks very cool. Interesting juxtaposition of sound and image styles as well.

  2. Sylvia Lin says:

    This spiral animation is so cool! I think it would also be interesting to enable color scheme changes every time the direction is changed.

  3. Patrick Luck says:

    Very interesting. Does it change the visuals based on the input as well? You could easily generate many videos if so.

  4. Colin Ancalmo says:

    This is so cool! The more you look at it the more pieces you realize are in motion. There is the background spiral and the foreground rings, both changing in subtle ways. I like how the background flashes with the sound as well.

  5. Jonathan Shiery says:

    The instruments used with the music are very relaxing. The style of the image reminds me of a hypnotic wheel, which is also designed to be relaxing. The colors are a bit too bright to fit in with this relaxing feel, however, and are overall hard to look at.

  6. Joy Tartaglia says:

    It’s relaxing to watch and listen to. There might be a bit too much yellow, but the chiming tune is pretty good for something generated. It sounds pleasant.

  7. Ryan Doyle says:

    Cool. The visuals remind me of the inside of a tree, and the tune was nice as well

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