Catherine Roberts – Computer Vision Gestures

For this project, I was inspired by Daniel Rozin’s interactive mirrors. I liked how he used interesting mediums to create the silhouette of the person looking in the mirror. I decided my medium would be pixels  generated using the low resolution jit.pwindow object. The “mirror” is the built in camera on my laptop and uses the object jit.scalebias to pixelate the video. The video is then split into four subvideos, each of which are a different color. Then they are then layered together giving the video a four color effect and allows it to react to light sources. Additionally, the Oper8tor object filters out certain colors to create a variety of color schemes and mirror effects. Below is my Max patch:

Below is a video of how my overall project turned out:


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  1. Minh-Chau Doan says:

    I like that the layer of interactivity with the light sources is subtle and think that your art piece is very pretty. I think it would be cool if the varying amount of light could then adjust how much of each color shows through.

  2. Aidan Sensiba says:

    The colors and pixelation in this remind me of an Andy Warhol piece. This is an interesting use of visual data, and I feel like it would be neat if the color palette could be changed by the user.

  3. Han Liu says:

    The idea is cool and the project looks like an artwork between reality and the abstract fantasy world. I think some variantions of pattern and color will lift this to the next level.

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