Animated Abstraction – Aidan Sensiba

This piece is based off of my Geometric Abstraction with the sine waves. Now, one can press buttons 1-8 to play the notes of a musical major scale. The colors and node shapes of the wave change randomly with each button press, while its frequency increases or decreases corresponding to the pitch of the current…

Animated Abstraction – Minh-Chau Doan

For my animated abstraction, I built off of my geometric abstraction. I had one of the small square move in the x direction while the other changed its size. The beat also triggers the squares to randomly change position too. The green lines also oscillate in size and on the beat, the colors change. max:

Animated Abstraction

SO! Building off the last assignment, lets get this thing moving! Well in some way shape or form. Knowing that this assignment was coming, I secretly designed the last assignment in order to work well with this one! MUAHAHAHA! How did I do this you ask? Why with my color step sequencer of course! (…

Kyria Nelson – Animated Abstraction

For my animated abstraction, I wanted to keep the general idea of a gradient circle pattern based on Zanis Waldheims’ artworks. However, I wanted to make the circles move around and follow each other, in order to keep the gradient in the correct order. Using these criteria, gradient “snakes” made out of circles were born….

Animated Abstraction – Catherine Roberts

I wanted to do something different for this assignment, so I decided to make a whole new abstraction. I was inspired by the fact that it was Halloween yesterday and my love for old videogames and decided to make my own abstraction using a ghost from PAC-MAN. The ghost was a pain to make, but…

Animated Abstraction

For my Animation Audio project, I decided to start from scratch and create a completely new graphic set of objects.  This time I used my favorite colors of varying shades of blue to create an animation where a bouncing torus provides a steady beat and the steady growth of the sphere and hollow cube takes…

Isaiah Fleischer – Abstract Animation

Isaiah Fleischer – Abstract Animation   I drew inspiration for this piece from two musical pieces, Alors On Dance by Stromae, and Bedford by Too Many Zooz. Both prominently feature the saxophone and strong bass lines. This style really appealed to me, and I felt like it would be a could candidate for this assignment….

Animated Abstraction – Kailun Liu

I didn’t continue to work on my previous project since it contained animation already. I decided to work on a new project. Every time it triggers a sound, it plays an animation, either position change or scaling.    

Jarod Romankiw – Animated Abstraction

For this assignment, I decided to continue off my first project in this course. I began with my “Christmas Abstraction Project” Max file. I recoded the metro segment like we did in class and I connected that to the first of two audio panels. I recorded (with my iPhone) several segments of audio which I…