Sensory Metaphors – Kailun Liu

My final project is based on the idea of finding the online troller by following the cables and beat ’em up. In this minigame, first, the player needs to click the button on the max patch to generate a random pattern. There are 6 in total.   Then the player will need to find out which…

Final Project Concept & Demo – Kailun Liu

My project is called Beat the Troller. I get my inspiration from my gaming experience. When I play online competitive games, there are always trollers. I am always irritated  and I always say this to my friends: “I really want to follow the ethernet cable and beat this **** troller.” This is apparently a joke…

Computer Vision Gestures – Kailun Liu

My project is inspired by live performances, where the audiences’ reaction can influence the performer. I used the motion scrubber to achieve the effect that when you do nothing in front of the camera, the performer acts normally. But when you clap your hands fast, the performer will also increase the speed of her juggling.

Meme Remix – Kailun Liu

I chose to make one scene of a new anime show into the shooting star meme, which I think everybody knows.   Just in case you don’t know the shooting star meme:   The anime show:   My meme remix:

Paper Nature Revised – Kailun Liu

As a reflection of the suggestions, I made a new board, on which you don’t have to hold the clip any more! And you don’t have to keep touching the copper strips on the back of the cards when you insert it. Now there are two modules in the box. One side is connected to the…

Paper Nature – Kailun Liu

My paper nature project is interactive animation. When you insert a certain card into the pot slot, a flower/plant will grow inside the screen.  If you press the “sp” key after you insert a certain card, a special animation will be played for each kind of flower/plant.  

Paper Nature Concept – Kailun Liu

I want to create an interactive experience for players to grow different flowers and plants. I drew inspiration from oldschool cassette games, combined with Japanese Origami. By inserting different flower/tree cards in the slot, they will grow (play certain animation) on the screen. The slot will read the information drawn on the back of the…

Animated Abstraction – Kailun Liu

I didn’t continue to work on my previous project since it contained animation already. I decided to work on a new project. Every time it triggers a sound, it plays an animation, either position change or scaling.    

Kailun Liu – Geometric Abstraction

I chose Sonia Delaunay’s Rythmes Colores for my inspirations. I really the composition of sharp lines and circles. I tried to recreate this image in my geometric abstraction.   Colored:   Black&White:   Constantly Changing with randomly selected colors:   Patcher:     Inspiration: