Paper Nature – Kailun Liu

My paper nature project is interactive animation. When you insert a certain card into the pot slot, a flower/plant will grow inside the screen.  If you press the “sp” key after you insert a certain card, a special animation will be played for each kind of flower/plant.


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  1. Adam Moran says:

    The animation is really smooth and the mix of photo and cartoon is really good. I’d suggest filling in the outlines with color.

    Also, shout-outs to the cat at 1:37 in the video.

  2. Han Liu says:

    Elegant background and animation indeed. Plugging in cards to trigger visual effects reminds me of early day FC games.
    Using iron or copper cards instead of paper ones may be a good way to solve the contact/conducting glitch.

  3. Jarod Romankiw says:

    Very nice use of animation. It’s very smoothly done, and the result is well worth the effort. I would suggest filling in the colors on the animation to make them easier to see.

  4. Nick Sorensen says:

    The use of cards and a slot is a unique way to cause different animations. The animations are well drawn and elegant. I think it would be really cool if you figured out a way to add a ground to the slot so that all you have to do is check which card is in the slot.

  5. Kyria Nelson says:

    The origami in this project is beautiful, the concept is unique, and the animation is so fluid. You can tell lots of effort and thought was put into this. The only thing I would “improve” (aka just what I personally prefer) is coloring in the animations, but that would be a big time commitment, and you’ve clearly already went above and beyond with this project.

  6. Isaiah Fleischer says:

    I really like your use of a “card” system. This is very novel and was very well executed.

    1. Isaiah Fleischer says:

      Further, I thought the animations were very fluid. I think they could have been improved by filling in the shapes to make them solid, but I know how much of a pain that can be.

  7. Noah Hillman says:

    I love the art style and fluid animations, and the replaceable “pot” for the flowers is very creative. I would suggest making the animations pop a little more by changing the line thickness or adding some coloring.

  8. Thai Dao says:

    The animation looks really clean. Also the mechanics to trigger individual responses are smart. If you want to push it further I think you should color the animations.

  9. Minh-Chau Doan says:

    Your animations are so smooth and I thought the interactive component was so smart and fun !

  10. Catherine Roberts says:

    I really like the animations and how they are like sketches and I feel like you should keep them like that.

  11. Aidan Sensiba says:

    Your animations are pretty and smoothly-made, and the use of real-life objects to trigger their hand-drawn counterparts was quite cool.

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