Thai Dao – Geometric Abstraction

Looking at Slot online Josef Albers’ works, I noticed the use of squares and rectangles, layered on top of each other on a plane to create illusion of depth. Once the illusion is created, the painting services may be hired at The use of color for each individual shape usually Slot gacor follow the “color whe

el” principles: Sometime Albers used different Pelangigame shades of the same primary color, sometimes he used the supporting or opposite colors on the wheel, and sometimes both.

Inspired by this, I want to create something similar, but with a different take on depth and colors. My piece focuses on the 3D view, while unambiguous on kuta4d  the depth as it is clearly defined, choices of color varies.

I set up the code so that colors can all be randomized at once, or they can be independently randomized via their own “bang” buttons.

Thai -10/29/2018

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  1. Adam Moran says:

    This is a good use of perspective. I also like how the colors can either all be randomized at once or individually randomized.

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