Thai Dao – Geometric Abstraction

Looking at Josef Albers’ works, I noticed the use of squares and rectangles, layered on top of each other on a plane to create illusion of depth. The use of color for each individual shape usually follow the “color wheel” principles: Sometimes Mr. Albers used different shades of the same primary color, sometimes he used the supporting or opposite colors on the wheel, and sometimes both.

Inspired by this, I want to create something similar, but with a different take on depth and colors. My piece focuses on the 3D view, while unambiguous on the depth as it is clearly defined, choices of color varies. 

I set up the code so that colors can all be randomized at once, or they can be independently randomized via their own “bang” buttons.

Thai -10/29/2018

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  1. Adam Moran says:

    This is a good use of perspective. I also like how the colors can either all be randomized at once or individually randomized.

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