Adam Moran – Interactive Animation

Ended up just using a picture of my dorm room, which makes sense considering I spend most of my time here.

Interactables include the power strip, both laptops, the trash bin, and the tissue box.

Clicking on the power strip makes electricity flow out of it.

Clicking on the right laptop makes it blow a fuse as Jay/Will Smith calls it “old and busted”.

Clicking on the left laptop makes it sparkle as Jay/Will Smith calls it “new hotness”.

Clicking on the trash bin makes two scraps of paper jump up, then back down.

Clicking on the tissue box activates the third bomb. You will then be stuck in a time loop.

I was originally going to make a ghost sneezing upon clicking on the tissue box, but without a stylus, I decided against it, as I wouldn’t be content with what I would be able to make with just a mouse.

Here is the Max patch:

No, Bites the Dust does not actually start a time loop. That was just something that I thought up while writing this up. All that it would involve is sending a delayed bang after the respective video finished playing back to the message that triggered the video and sound. But I had already recorded the screen and made the screenshot, and such a small change wouldn’t be worth it.

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  1. Han Liu says:

    Close to real life story with a suprise for the tissue box.

  2. Joshua Galang says:

    Very creative animations, well done!

  3. Kyria Nelson says:

    I love the style of these animations and they remind me of old DS games I used to play. The paper balls rattling in the trash can reminds me of Club Penguin for some reason. The sounds are comedic, interesting, and relevant. Overall, gorgeously done!

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