Interactive Animation – Whimsical Boston

For my interactive scene, I thought that a trip to Boston would be a good subject, and I snapped the background this weekend while at Yawkey station on the MBTA Commuter Rail.

The interactive elements include:
Clicking the white van to trigger a ball bounce along the highway,

Clicking the nearest black car to activate its emerald light trails,

Clicking the train tracks will send a ghost train barreling towards your cursor,

Clicking the Prudential building triggers a giant slingshot to rise,

And clicking the sky triggers a UFO abduction.

Background here:


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  1. Kyle Savell says:

    The UFO animation is really neat!

  2. Han Liu says:

    Good idea having some mysterious elements in a city that very few monster movies have interest in. I recommend the music and sound effects from Mars Attacks for this scene.

  3. Thai Dao says:

    I love the animations you did. Is there any reason for using multiple “route mouse” objects? Also I noticed “slingshotbutton” is used twice too.

  4. Catherine Roberts says:

    I love the train and the UFO. They look like they took a lot of time to draw/animate, but it paid off because they look very realistic!

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