Jarod Romankiw – Interactive Animation

I was inspired to do this project when I saw the shelf of items in the in-class example JPR showed us. I decided to place my favorite childhood animated characters on a bookshelf and when the user clicks on the character, the theme song and theme video play on the television.

Some issues I had were that because I had lots of videos ‘hidden’ on top of each other, I had to reassign the layer order everytime a character is clicked so that way a video doesn’t block another video. I also had to code a way for a video to stop playing if a new one is clicked, this required passing a ‘0’ to the play button every time a ‘1’ is clicked.


And of course, how could a post be complete without the beauty of the intertwined Max chords. Here ya go!

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  1. Han Liu says:

    Nice closet and characters, and the cartoon clip. Need some movements for the scene to be more interactive, for example, the film could start right after the corresponding character walks/jumps or dragged into the TV.

  2. Thai Dao says:

    I love the theme and the layout of this one. Only thing I’d change is I’d make the TV bigger so the videos can be seen more clearly.

  3. Kyria Nelson says:

    This feels nostalgic, like something from years ago on a cartoon fan site in the best way possible. The UI is clear and easy to understand. I would like to see some original animation, however.

  4. Isaiah Fleischer says:

    Nice take on the project! I like how you layered all of your animations together rather than spreading them out across the canvas. One thing I might add is some movement to the characters themselves.

  5. Catherine Roberts says:

    I really like your idea. It is very simple, yet it looks polished and fun.

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