Catherine Roberts – Bio & Artwork

Hi! My name is Catherine Roberts, I am a sophomore ECE major from New Hampshire. I have had some experience with electronic arts from high school. I primarily used Arduino to make light art with LEDs and RGB LED pixels. I also used Makey Makey to create interesting controls for a game that I programmed. I really enjoy electronic art, it is the reason why I decided to become an ECE major, and I am interested in learning how I could integrate it into my career. I have had a lot of both theoretical and practical experience with electronics at WPI and from personal projects. Additionally, I had a job in high school where I worked in a team to teach electronics to kids. I ran the paper circuits class. I have had a moderate amount of programming experience and I know Java, C, Racket, and the Arduino programming language.

There are a lot of other art mediums that I really enjoy, but my favorite is glassblowing. I took a glassblowing class last year and ever since then I have been in love with it. Glass is a really difficult medium to work with, but it is also an extremely unique and fun. I have continued to blow glass since my class ended and I hope it becomes a lifelong hobby.

I find creative inspirations in a large part from nature. I also think it is amazing when people are capable of capturing a raw human emotion in a work of art. The best art says something about the world or the human condition in a way that evokes emotion when people see it. Therefore, another form of inspiration comes from my emotions and perception of the world as a whole. This idea ties into my goals as an artist: I want to be able to create something relevant to the world’s problems that will either to bring attention to them or to attempt to fix them. I think this goal is broadly applicable to my career and I can apply my skills as an artist to wherever I end up in life.

Recent Projects:



Glass Flowers


Final Product:

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