Saul Woolf’s Animated Abstraction

Since I already had animated my MAX creation for the last assignment, I focused on the facet that I had not been satisfied with—Color. In this update, I created a smooth ‘drunk’ color scheme, where when each object receives a new color, it slowly transitions from its current color to the new color.  I also separated out the 4 ‘columns’ of object so that I could split the coloring in half. At any time, the northern and southern-most columns will match, and the eastern and western-most columns will match. I really like the resulting patterns.

The code is a bit to hectic to get screenshots of all parts, but below are the core Color patches.The above patch is for generating colors. I didn’t want the change in color to be too crazy so I user ‘drunk’ which randomly generates colors close to the previous color.

This  patch is how I can constantly updating colors. It is constantly running a line from the current value of a float to a provided value of a float. I gathered this from a few different threads on the cycling74 forum, but I’m having trouble finding the ones I used again.

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  1. Ahhhhh, very hypnotic. I like what you’ve done with the colors. There are some really cool interference patterns around the edges.

  2. Kyle Savell says:

    This could easily be a screen-saver, you did a really good job with the animation and color fades!

  3. Adam Moran says:

    I really like how the animation changes colors. However, if it also had an audio aspect as well, I think that it would be better.

  4. Minh-Chau Doan says:

    This is such a soothing graphic! Would love to see this in various gradients and can easily see this as a screensaver or live wallpaper!

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