Nick Sorensen – Geometric Abstraction

For my geometric Abstraction assignment, I gathered inspiration from Sophie Taeuber-Arp. I like the organization to the artwork following strict spacing and alignment with same sized shapes. While different shaped objects in the piece may not line up with each other, patches of same shaped objects are arranged in patterns.

I decided to have my bangs control the colors of the shapes in a very unpredictable way. I decided to use 4 bangs instead of 3 to increase the number of states to 16. The initial gives a very similar look to the original piece that I was inspired from. Once user input is given the piece goes into chaos.

Shown below is the initial state with very simple colors.

Below are all 16 states playing in logical order.

Below is the patch for my artwork.

Artwork inspiration:


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  1. Noah Hillman says:

    I like the customization using the 4 buttons, and the panels almost look like they came from a space ship . Great minimalism.

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