Kyle Savell – Animated Abstraction

For my animated abstraction I used the same setup from my geometric abstraction and timed the animations of the circles to a beat. To start with I cleaned my geometric abstraction patch so that all of the sphere information is hard-coded into the object. I also hard-coded the color values for the three different color palettes I used in the geometric abstraction.

To animate everything, I created a global metro-counter that counts to 300. Every 100 steps the color palette changes in a preset order. For audio, an 808 sound is played every 25 steps; the first beat is a tom, the third beat is a snare, and every off-beat is a random sound that is not a tom nor a snare. Also every 25 steps a certain colored sphere set is animated in time with the beat. Using the palindrome functionality of counters, the circles grow bigger and then smaller again.

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  1. Nice connection between visuals and sound.

  2. Jarod Romankiw says:

    Good organization in Max, the colors make it easy to follow the paths. Nice clean look to the animation.

  3. Joshua Galang says:

    That’s some incredible organization of the code. The colorful dots shift beautifully in sync with the increasing tempo.

  4. Thai Dao says:

    I love the shifting of color patterns that sync to the beat. The animation and the music combined delivers a very energetic experience.

  5. Isaiah Fleischer says:

    I really like the color scheme in the animation. It reminds me of a Google commercial with the clean background and playful colors. Also your patch looks great!

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