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For my interactive animation I wanted to have crisp, easy-to-understand animations with cute little bits of sound to make the experience pop. I took a picture of my shelf of glass ornaments to animate. I love glass items and it felt like an appropriate choice, as glass objects always felt to me like they had a mysterious magical quality to them. I also see this shelf every day while I work in my room.

It was hard to choose what to animate, but in the end I chose the amethyst tree, faux diamond, marble jar, potion bottle, and glass dolphin. I used tweening to make animations fade in and out and hand drawn frames to do the majority of animation. For the amethyst tree, I used tweening to give the illusion of leaves falling.

The sounds are open-source from

All in all, I really enjoyed this project, in part because this is my simplest Max Patch so far!


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  1. Kyle Savell says:

    The sounds match the animations really well!

  2. Han Liu says:

    Objects are nicely choosen and their features are unveiled in a proper way, the scene would be more “shinning” if there is a projection light and would be more mysterious with an ocean bgm.

  3. Joshua Galang says:

    I love the selection of whimsical objects and sounds – it reminds me of a visual I Spy book.

  4. Nick Sorensen says:

    The timing of the object falling and the sound that went with it was spot on, the animation made it seem like it was a marble falling on glass. I like the selection of sounds, it fits well with all the glass and stone objects.

  5. Aidan Sensiba says:

    The sounds fit well with the animations, and I think that some of the animations would benefit from staying on screen just a bit longer.

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