Catherine Roberts – Interactive Animation

For my animation I found an image online that I really liked and decided to animate that. There were two figures in the photo that I wanted to use for one of my mini animations, so I photoshoped them out of the background image. I also photoshoped the figures themselves and drew in some new features, then I added them back onto the background picture in Animate as their own layers. All of the images were photoshoped and made to move using the asset warp tool. It was difficult to find images that could be manipulated realistically using the asset warp tool, but the right image looked great after being animated using this tool. Overall, I am really happy with how my animation turned out and I really liked using Animate to make it. Here is the video of my interactive animation:

My max patch utilizes both the video and music players to produce the animated video along with a sound effect. The patch uses picker and is set up much like the example from class except with more videos and with an added audio dimension. My max patch is depicted below:

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  1. Jarod Romankiw says:

    Nice scene, and good use of existing artwork in your piece.

  2. Kyle Savell says:

    It’s really cool how all of the art is consistent with the background.

  3. Han Liu says:

    Nice background for sure, which is a bit too fantastic for “everyday” 🙂 The animation is also great and in harmony with the setting, it would be better if there is a “surprise” in one of the animations.

  4. Thai Dao says:

    Your background is lovely and so are the animations. I think more soothing musics would suit the theme of this piece better.

  5. Nick Sorensen says:

    I liked the movement and animation that was put in. The models looked really good after you animated them, especially the rabbit on the moon.

  6. Aidan Sensiba says:

    The animations all follow kind of a fairy-tale theme, and they match the visual style of the background, too. I also think they could benefit from having entering/exiting animations to transition more smoothly.

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