Isaiah Fleischer – Interactive Animation

Interactive Animation

The inspiration for this project came from JPR’s in class demo and my goal of combining fantasy with reality. To accomplish this I used a picture of my apartment in Worcester for the canvas and implemented surreal elements and actions. These ranged from Clint Eastwood’s character in Gran Torino to a meteor strike. Further, I combined drawn animations and automatically tweened still images. I have a true appreciation for motion tweens after drawing hundreds of frames in AR2222, so I tried to use them as much as possible.

To my surprise I only ran into a few minor issues when creating this piece. In order to get some sounds to play sequentially I thought I could just plug a delay object in between two messages that trigger a playlist. Unfortunately, messages won’t trigger a delay. I solved this by connecting a bang between the first message and the input to the delay. I also had some issues getting audio to play, but that was fixed by simply switching computers.

My Max code can be seen below. It turned out to be quite compact and organized.

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  1. Han Liu says:

    The drone part and the meteor strike is really fun. Well choosen background. A cheerful bgm would make it more interesting.

  2. Noah Hillman says:

    Creative use of the asteroids and drone, and the drawings pop very well on this background

  3. Kyria Nelson says:

    This is fun and actually requires some thinking and testing to find all of the animations (based on my experience in class). I enjoy how some animations (like the meteor hitting the car) have multiple different sound effects, and take a while to play out, like a story. Well done!

  4. Catherine Roberts says:

    I really like your combination of a seemingly ordinary background with your fantastical animations!

  5. Aidan Sensiba says:

    I like how your animations could almost happen in real life. Pretty funny.

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