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  1. Jarod Romankiw says:

    Ha Ha! That’s a good one. Clever spilling the toilet.

  2. Kyle Savell says:

    The animations are really smooth, I really like the snake one.

  3. Han Liu says:

    Very impressive with “Reasonable” magical of not magical element one would link with a “bathroom” theme. The scene would be more appealing if adding some sound effects.

  4. Thai Dao says:

    I like your water and electricity animations. I think it would be even better if you can add sound to the interactions to make them more immersive.

  5. Nick Sorensen says:

    The water coming out of the toilet is very nice looking, I think your animation could really benefit from sound being added.

  6. Aidan Sensiba says:

    Your animations are smoothly-drawn and entertaining. I also think that it could be made even better with a little sound.

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