Catherine Roberts – Meme Remixer

The meme I decided to remix is the ‘Trump Draws a Kat’ meme from last year. My remixing includes inserting other memes that seem to react to the original like a react video. Additionally, I added sound effects that mimic a crowd and when played together simulate a somewhat balanced liberal to conservative crowd. I added some animations including a wall being built from Supreme bricks and the Disappointed Dog passing judgement on Trump’s antics. Another sound is a horror trackĀ  works well with the red portion of the mapper tool on Max. This effect gives the video an altogether childish and colorful appearance. Lastly, in order to uplift this somewhat depressing reflection of current affairs, the last sound effect is the song Despasito. Below is the video of the meme:


I could not get the Xbox controller, so I created one on max using presentation mode. Below is a picture of my Max controller:

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  1. Adam Moran says:

    The wall and the Despacito parts were great, though, I think there are better Trump memes that could have been used (and trust me, there are a lot to choose from).

  2. Gavin Taylor says:

    I like the use of effects, but maybe next time you can add more memes stead of looping one.

  3. Joshua Galang says:

    Move overlay reaction memes would be nice instead of the color filters.

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