As Easy As Pie? – Adam Moran Final Project Concept

For you purists out there, the idiom “as easy as pie” refers to the act of eating a pie, which is supposedly very easy. But you can’t eat a pie without somebody having made the pie. I haven’t made a pie before, but I can assume that making a pie is much harder than eating a pie.

In this sensor(y) metaphor, you make the pie. Preferably, the tasks that the patch will ask of the user will not be easy for irony’s sake.

Naturally, I’ll need to research how to make pies as I am no cook (though, I think pies are a baker’s thing; cooking and baking are two separate arts, just as leopards and cheetahs are two very different animals).

The patch will definitely use a controller for input, though may use other input methods depending on where I want to go with it and how many phases I’m willing to make for it.

Phases may include preparing the crust, preheating the oven, filling the pie, and baking the pie.

Here are some shitty mockups. Actual art assets will be drawn not in MS Paint.

Some technical things that I’ll need to do is set up a state system to control what interaction is expected and to prevent other actions from occurring when they shouldn’t. I’ll also have to set up failure states and a reset system. I suspect the hardest part to implement will be the filling the pie phase as we had not needed to implement drag and drop mechanics in Max before.

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