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For my paper nature project, I made an abstract representation of the sky and the earth in different seasons. There are five ways to interact with it; the first four are to transition to another season, while the fifth is to start some season-specific animation.

Here is an image of the physical interactibles, with four representing the seasons on each corner and the fifth in the bottom center. There was a surprising lack of conductive material (or adhesives) in my dorm, so I couldn’t test the patch with the MaKey MaKey, but I doubt that that’ll cause me much trouble. The interactibles are set up framing a computer monitor in the given formation; the snowflake represents winter, the flower represents spring, the sun represents summer, and the leaf represents fall. I specifically chose to use paper that had a color that also represented the respective seasons; white, lavender, yellow, and red. The extra interactible I plan to cover in a conductive material to make it distinct from the rest.

Here is the patch:

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  1. Han Liu says:

    Impressive and elegant animation for the four seasons. Objects are well choosen.
    I would recommend a small tree standing in the center of the background that changes its state with designated season to make the scene more focused.

  2. Noah Hillman says:

    The simplistic representation of the seasons work very well with the clean animations.
    You could potentially combine the four interactive paper pieces into a 3D object (like a pyramid) to make it easier to interact with.

  3. Jarod Romankiw says:

    Good effort with the animation, I like how the snow varies in acceleration as it falls. Try to attach everything to the screen like you described in class, and this will be awesome!

  4. Nick Sorensen says:

    The selection of colors gives a realistic feel to the season. The animations are fluid and well done. I would suggest the addition of sound to each season to enhance the experience. Definitely hook the four different paper cutouts up to the makey makey so that you can interact. Try weaving wire through the paper or add a small piece of conductive foil. It is difficult to make paper conductive without changing the physical appearance.

  5. Kyria Nelson says:

    Your animations are fluid, and even with the minimalistic background you can tell which season is being represented. I would like to see what your project looks like when it is hooked up and placed over the screen like a frame.

  6. Isaiah Fleischer says:

    Great combination of both abstract and concrete concepts! The solid colors in the background combined with the animations give a nice duality to the piece.
    You might want to add sounds to the piece in order to engage the user more and further reinforce the seasons. You could even use simple tones that you feel represent each season, such as happy major chords for spring and summer and minor chords for fall and winter.

  7. Catherine Roberts says:

    The simplicity of you animations are really nice. I think it would be cool to add other props in the scene, but it also is impressive that you can convey seasons with such limited colors and shapes.

  8. Aidan Sensiba says:

    The aesthetic is minimalist, but still works well. The leaves-falling animation was quite smooth.

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